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Beszterce Glossary (Besztercei szójegyzék) – The first, more extensive Latin-Hungarian dictionary. Discovered in the archives of the former County Beszterce-Naszód in 1891, this precious Hungarian linguistic record dated from the first half of the 15th century, comprising 15 written pages and contains 1316 words in the handwriting of George “György, the Slavonian”. Based on the characteristics of the handwriting and spelling, a more specific date of its origin is estimated to be between 1380 and 1410. – B: 1150, 1020, T: 7659.→Schägli Wordlist.

Bethania Christian Endeavour Alliance (Bethania CE Szövetség) – It was originally created by 58 young people belonging to the congregation of Rev. F.E. Clark, Presbyterian Minister in the USA, who was dedicated to Christian lifestyle. The Christian Endeavor Youth Movement rapidly grew first in the US, then worldwide. In Hungary Aladár Szabó and István (Stephen) Kecskeméthy, Reformed theological professors founded it in 1903. The movement was instrumental in the mid 20th century’s awakening in the Protestant churches in Hungary, thereby contributing to the survival of the Church during 45 years of Communist religious oppression. The association was dissolved by the Communist regime in 1950, but was revived in 1990. – B: 0910, T: 7103.→Szabó, Aladár; Kecskeméthy, István.

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