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Besser, László (Leslie) (Budapest, 27 August 1936 - ) – Electrical engineer. He graduated from the Kálmán Kandó Technical School and escaped to Canada after the 1956 Revolution and Freedom Fight. He studied electrical engineering on a scholarship in the USA. At the University of Colorado he received the Pacesetter Award and was selected to be “The Outstanding Engineering Student”, and co-captain of the school’s soccer team in 1966. After gaining practical engineering experience at the Hewlett Packard and Fairchild corporations, he created COMPACT (Computerized Optimization of Microwave Passive and Active Circuits), the world’s first commercially successful microwave circuit optimization routine, soon become the industry standard. Then he founded the Compact Software Company, and was active in serving the engineering design needs of the RF/Microwave industry during the next ten years. In 1980 his company merged with Communication Satellite Corporation (COMSAT), where Dr. Besser functioned as Senior Vice President. In 1985 he started Besser Associates, a training organization that has provided training to more than 45,000 engineers, managers, and technicians worldwide. He retired from the company in 2004. He co-authored an influential textbook: Practical RF Circuit Design for Modern Wireless Systems, vols. i, ii. He presented short courses at various technical conferences and universities. He received the Microwave Applications Award (1983) and the Career Award (1987), as well as the Third Centennial Medal (2000). – B: 1279, T: 1279, 7103.

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