B bábi, Tibor

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Bessenyei, György (George) (Bercel, 1747 - Pusztakovácsi, 24 February 1811) – Writer, philosopher. He went to Vienna from County Szabolcs at the age of 18 and became one of the palace guards of Empress Maria Theresa, a position he maintained until 1773. Thereafter he became an administrator of Vienna’s Reformed Church. His life’s work represents a distinct period in the history of Hungarian literature. He wrote on a variety of topics that had a place in an enlightened literary atmosphere. His works include The Tragedy of Ágis (Ágis tragédiája) (1772, 1899); The Life of János Hunyadi… (Hunyadi János élete…) (1778); The Hungarians (Magyarság) (1778, 1932); The World of Nature (A természet világa) (1898), and Journey of Tarimenes (Tarimenes utazása) (1930). He strove to lift up his nation through his own education. His work opened the door for the French Enlightenment to make its way into Hungarian literature. He was one of the leaders of the Age of Enlightenment’s first period in Hungary. – B: 0883, 1257, T: 7666.→Mária Terézia, Queen and Empress.

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