B bábi, Tibor

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Bessenyei, Ferenc (Francis) (Hódmezővásárhely, 10 February 1919 - Lajosmizse, 27 December 2004) – Actor. He was member of leading Hungarian theaters, among them the City Theater (Városi Színház), Szeged in 1940, the National Theater (Nemzeti Színház) Miskolc (1942), the Buda Theater (1945), the National Theater (Nemzeti Színház) of Pécs and Szeged (1947), National Theater (Nemzeti Színház) Budapest (1950, 1981), Madách Theater (Madách Szinház), Budapest (1963). He was an excellent dramatic actor with an attractive appearance and exellent elocution with a distinguished voice. He appeared in most title roles of classical Hungarian and foreign plays, among them in the role of Zitel in Ibsen’s Peer Gynt; title role in Rostand’s Cyrano de Bergerac; title roles in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Othello and King Lear; Ádám in Madách’s The Tragedy of Man (Az ember tragédiája); title role in Kodály’s Háry János; Astrov in Chekhov’s Uncle Vanja (Ványa bácsi); Higgins in Lowe’s My Fair Lady; Tevje in Bock’s Fiddler on the Roof (Hegedűs a háztetőn); Ferkó Kerekes in Kálmán’s Gypsy Princess (Csárdáskirálynő); Dragomir in Countess Marica (Marica grófnő), and Philip II in Schiller’s Don Carlos. He appeared in several feature films and television roles, such as Fever (Láz), Kid (Kölyök); Judgement (Ítélet); Guns and Doves (Puskák és Galambok); The Baron’s Sons (A kőszívű ember fiai); A Hungarian Nabob (Egy magyar nábob), and Eclipse of the Crescent Moon (Egri csillagok). He also appeared in several TV productions. He was a recipient of the Kossuth Prize in 1953,1955, the Merited Artist title in 1954, the Outstanding Artist title in 1950, the Labor Medal, and the Order of the Banner of the Republic of Hungary; and was made Life Member of the Hungarian National Theater in 1989. In 1994 he received the Order of Distinction 2nd Class of the Republic of Hungary; he was made Life Member of the National Theater in 1997, and received the title Actor of the Nation in 2000. – B: 0871, 1031, 1439, 1445, T: 7684.

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