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Berzeviczy, Albert (Berzevicze, now Brezivuca Saros, Slovakia, 7 June 1853 - Budapest, 22 March 1936) – Politician, writer on esthetics, author, historian. His political career started in County Sáros (now in Slovakia), where he became Professor at the Law School of Eperjes (now Preşov, Slovakia). He was a Member of Parliament from 1881. From 1884 he was a Ministerial Counselor; while between 1881 and 1887 he was Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Culture. He was Vice-President of Parliament and Minister of Culture in the Cabinet of Count István (Stephen) Tisza (1903-1905). Thereafter he withdrew from politics for a while. He was a member of the Kisfaludy Society (1889), and President of the House of Representatives (1910-1911) and President of the National Gymnastics Council (1923). He was a Member of the Upper House and President of the Pen Club (1932). He was a member, Director and President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (1904-1936). He was a cultural policy setter for a considerable time. His works include Queen Beatrice (Beatrix királyné) (1908); Landscape Painting in the 17th Century (Tájképfestészet a XVII. században) (1910), and The Age of Absolutism in Hungary, vols. i-iv (Az abszolutizmus kora Magyarországon, I-IV). – B: 0883, 1257, T: 7103.→Tisza, Count István.

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