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Bertha, Bulcsu (Nagykanizsa, 9 May 1935 - Budapest, 19 January 1997) – Writer. He attended High School in Keszthely and after graduation worked at different places in the region. In 1960 he joined the staff of the newspaper Evening Diary of Pécs (Esti Pécsi Napló), then the Dunántúl Diary (Dunántúli Napló). In the meantime he was Editor for the periodical Present Age (Jelenkor). From 1967 he lived in Budapest and was Editor-in-Chief of the periodical New Writing (Új Írás) and later became a chief contributor for the literary review Life and Literature (Élet és Irodalom). His writings also appeared in the periodical New Horizon (Új Horizont) of Veszprém. The themes of his writings were taken from village life of Transdanubia (Dunántúl). His works include Smoke-Dogs (Füstkutyák), novel (1965); Across the River Styx (Át a Styx folyón) short novels (1969); The Naked King (A csupasz király) portraits (1972); Decades at the Balaton (Balatoni évtizedek) (1973), and Communism in Afternoon Sunshine (Kommunizmus délutáni napfényben) (1996). He was a recipient of a number of prizes, among them the Attila József Prize (1955, 1971, 1975), the Mihály Táncsics Prize (1993), the Endre Illés Prize (1996), and a posthumus Kossuth Pize (1997). – B: 0932, 1257, T: 7103.

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