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Berlin WallA wall that separated West and East Berlin during the Cold War era (1961-1989). After the end of World War I, following the Potsdam Agreement, the Great Powers (USA, Great Britain and the Soviet Union) divided not only Germany into four occupational zones (American, English, French and Soviet), but also the Capital of Germany, Berlin, and they treated it as a separate entity. Since the Soviet Union annexed the Berlin zone unilaterally to the German Democratic Republic (DDR), the zone lines in Berlin were canceled and the three other zones were recognized collectively as West Berlin, but did not become part of the Federal Republic of Germany (BRD). To keep the West Berlin territory isolated from a continuous flow of East German escapees, the DDR authorities built a high wall around West Berlin in 1961, and kept it under military guard. On 2 May 1989, the Hungarian authorities began tearing down the Iron Curtain along the Austro-Hungarian border, thus unleashing a tide of East Germans leaving through Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Austria, to West Germany. On 9th November 1989, the people of East and West Berlin together pulled down the “Berlin Wall”. In German governmental circles the saying about this historical event was that “the first brick from the Berlin Wall was knocked out by the Hungarians”. Following the disappearance of the Berlin Wall, the two Germanies (the Federal Republic of Germany, BRD and the German Democratic Republic, DDR) were reunited on 3rd October 1990. – B: 1153, 1031, T: 7668.→Pan-European Picnic.

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