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Berky, Lili (Lilian) (Győr, March 15 1886 - Budapest, 5 February 1958) – Actress. After having completed studies at the Academy of Dramatic Art, Budapest, she became a succesful operetta primadonna in country theaters, mainly in Kolozsvár (now Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, in Romania). She was member of the Király Theater (Király Színház), Budapest from 1911. Thereafter she acted in the Theater of Kaposvár from 1915. She returned to Budapest and worked at the Apollo Cabaret, the Király Theater (Király Színház) and the Inner City Theater (Belvárosi Színház); and finally she became a permanent member of the National Theater (Nemzeti Színház). After performing in operettas, plays and folk plays, she was successful in the role of elderly dramatic heroines. She appeared in several films as well. Her main roles were in A. Dumas’ Friend of Women (L'ami des femmes – A nők barátja); F. Herczeg’s The Gyurkovics Girls (A Gyurkovics lányok) and Bizánc (Byzantium); V. Rákosi’s Muted Bells (Elnémult harangok), and G. Csíky’s Grandma (A Nagymama). She received the Merited Artist title. – B: 0884, 1439, T: 7103.→Herczeg, Ferenc; Rákosi, Viktor; Csiky, Gergely.

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