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Bergendy, István (Stephen) (Szolnok, 8 October, 1939 - ) – Musician, composer. His higher studies were at the Budapest Polytechnic (1958-1961) and at the Béla Bartók Conservatory of Music, where he studied the clarinet (1961-1964). He was member of a number of music groups, including the Symphony Orchestra of the University, the Holéczy Ensemble and the State Symphony Orchestra (Állami Hangversenyzenekar). In 1962 he founded the Bergendy Ensemble with his brother Péter. They played at the Youth Park of Buda (Budai Ifjusági Park) for four years, and abroad for three years. In 1970 the Ensemble was newly formed, and in 1982 they named it Bergendy Concert, Dance and Salon Orchestra. Their most successful music was composed for the TV series Süsü the Dragon (Süsü a sárkány) (9 parts); Süsü, the Dragon-kid (Süsü a sárkánygyerek) (13 parts); Futrinka Street (Futrinka utca) (13 parts), and the Never Mind, Tobias (Sebaj, Tóbiás) (52 parts). His musicals include Card-affair in Lady-circles (Kártyaaffér hölgykörökben); Tell us a Tale Münchausen (Mesélj, Münchhausen), and Robinson and Friday (Robinson és Péntek). His rock-cantata is entitled The Resolute Tin-soldier (A rendithetetlen ólomkatona). He had a number of diamond and gold records and is a recipient of the Golden Guitar (1962), the eMeRTon Prize (1995), MSZOSZ (National Association of Hungarian Artists) Prize (1996) and several Standard Prizes. – B: 0874, 1655, T: 7103.

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