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Beretz, L. Árpád (Bridgeport, CTonn. USA, 17 November 1914 - Kalamazoo, NY, 19 October 1980) – Bishop of the Hungarian Reformed Church in the USA. He studied Theology at the Reformed Theological Academy, Sárospatak in northeast Hungary, where he was ordained. After graduation he taught English at local secondary schools. After his return to the United States in 1946 he continued his studies at the Yale Seminary, CT. For a short time he served as a curate at the First Hungarian Reformed Church in Cleveland, OH. Between 1948 and 1961 he was Minister of the Hungarian Reformed Church in Wallingford, CT. In 1961 he received a call from the Hungarian Reformed Church of East Chicago, IN. Under his leadership the congregation relocated to Hammond, where they built a church in 1965, a school in 1972, and a manse in 1979. In 1956 the Calvin Synod and his Congregation sent him to Europe to work with the refugees of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. At one time he was President of the Eastern Diocese. Later he became Clerk of the Calvin Synod; and in 1971 he was elected its President, then its Bishop. He took part in the 2nd and 4th Assemblies of the World Council of Churches, and attended the 400th anniversary of the Hungarian Reformed Church in Hungary in 1967. – B: 0906, T: 7617.→Reformed (Hungarian) Churches in Western Lands.

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