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Berek, Kati (Catherine) (Katalin) (Makó, 7 October 1930 - ) – Actress. She came from a poor family of five children; lost her father early and grew up on a farm. She always wanted to become an actress. From 1944 to 1947 she performed as a volunteer amateur actress. In Szeged she met Béla Balázs, who arranged her admission to a college and to the Academy of Dramatic Arts, Budapest. She studied with Endre (Andrew) Gellért, Oszkár (Oscar) Ascher, Endre (Andrew) Marton and Béla Both. In 1952 she joined the National Theater, Budapest (Nemzeti Színház). In 1970 she helped to create the new “25th Theater”. In 1974 she returned to the National Theater; then in 1975 joined the Kisfaludy Theater of Győr; and from 1991 to 1993 she was with the József Katona Theater of Kecskemét. She appeared on radio, television, movies, worked on the stage, directed, and was an educator as well. Her roles include Adela and Poncia in García Lorca’s The House of Bernarda Alba (Bernarda háza), Hermia in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer-Night’s Dream (Szentivánéji álom); Regan in Shakespeare’s King Lear (Lear király); Misi Nyilas in Móricz’s Be Good Unto Death (Légy jó mindhalálig); Anna in Gorkij’s Night House of Refuge (Éjjeli menedékhely); Nelly in Örkény’s Key-seekers (Kulcskeresők); Sarolt in Szörényi-Bródy’s Stephen the King (István, a király); Mrs. Pernelle in Moliére’s Tartuffe; Lucifer in Madách’s The Tragedy of Man (Az ember tragédiája); Princess Plata-Ettingen in Molnár’s Olympia, and Cecília in Kálmán’s The Gypsy Princess (Csárdáskirálynő). Her feature film-roles include The Marriage of Katalin Kis (Kis Katalin házassága); Life-signal (Életjel); Dialogue (Párbeszéd), and Heavenly Bird (Égi madár). She also worked as a stage manager. She received the Farkas-Ratkó Prize, the Mari Jászai Prize twice, the Radnóti Prize, the Madách Prize, the titles of Merited Artst, Outstanding Artist, and as the Actor of the Nation (2000). – B: 0874, 1031, T: 7103.→Ascher, Oszkár; Both. Béla; Gellért, Endre; Marton Endre; Várkonyi Zoltán.

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