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Bereck, György (George) (Briccius), (Vízakna, now Ocna Sibiului, Romania, 1668 - Kolozsvár now Cluj-Napoca, Romania, August 1620) – Physician. He studied Theology, Philosophy and Medical Sciences at the Reformed College, Nagyenyed (now Aiud, Romania). Thereafter he went abroad for postgraduate studies at Frankurt an der Oder, Franekera and Leyden. In 1695, he obtained a Doctorate in Medicine. A year later he returned to Hungary and settled in Kolozsvár (now Cluj-Napoca, Romania), where he practised medicine and prepared medications. In his diary he reports the vicissitudes of the Kuruc age that he was involved with as field doctor in the staff of General Count Sándor (Alexander) Károlyi. In 1703, he became a city councilor; and from 1703, he was a judge of the Royal Law Court, and its President in 1715. His works include Disputatio medica de peripneuma, Dissertatio inaug. medica de colica passione (both in 1695), His Diary (reliable records from 1693 to 1717) was published in Pest (1860). – B: 0883, 1031, T: 7103.→Kuruc; Károlyi, Count Sándor.

Berecz, András (Andrew) (Budapest, 29 October 1957 -) – Folklorist, folk tale collector, performer; learned the first folk songs from his mother. He worked as an unskilled stevedore and forest-worker and was also a law student. For twenty years he collected the folklore of Transylvania (Erdély, now in Romania), Northern Hungary (Upland, Felvidék, now Slovakia), in Moldova (Romania), in the Nyírség, Szatmár and the Somogy regions of Hungary. He is an itinerant performer. Besides appearing frequently on television, he is well received not only in Hungary but also in the detached former Hungarian territories, and in Hungarian areas of the Carpathian Basin and, in Hungarian communities of Western Europe, Canada, and in the United States. He has a number of audiotapes, CDs, and has produced television shows. His work includes Grief Brings it, Humor Carries it (Bú hozza, kedv hordozza), folklore study (1997), and a volume was produced not long ago about the beer-praising poetry of ethnically and linguistically related peoples. He received the Young Master of Folk-Art Prize (1985), the Prize for Hungarian Art (1990), the Gold Cross of Merit of the Republic of Hungary (1993), and the Kossuth Prize (2011). – B: 1663, T: 7103.

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