B bábi, Tibor

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Berczelly, Tibor (Berczeller) Rákospalota, 3 January 1912 - Budapest, 15 October 1990) – Swordsman. He studied at the Military Academy (Ludovika), became a company officer, taught at the Athletic Officer School, and after World War I, worked as a supervisor for the Hungarian National Bank. He founded the Sport School of Olympic Champions, after which he worked as a trainer. He holds the record of Hungarian swordsmanship, and led the life championship list with eight individual championships and earned another twenty championship titles. In three Olympics he led Hungarian swordsmen to victory as a true team leader. He was already there in Berlin (1936); and in London (1948) he won all the four bouts in the final against the Italians. In Helsinki (1952) the all-time rivals, leading with 7:5, with 5:0 victory over Nostini, brought back hope. His powerful punitive cuts were feared by the opponent, but at the same time they respected him as a superbly trained swordsman. He was left-handed, hotheaded, but a warm-hearted sportsman, who demonstrated his versatility by becoming a champion also in pistol shooting. – B: 1768, 0883, 1031, T: 7456.→Ludovika Royal Hungarian Military Academy.

Berda, József (Joseph) (Budapest, 1 February 1902 - Budpest, 5 July 1966) – Poet. At first he worked as locksmith, messenger and book salesman. He published in the newspapers of Budapest. His first volume Flood (Áradás), appeared at Újpest. One of his books was confiscated in 1940. He published more than ten volumes. Some of them are Bleeding Days (Vérző napok) (1927); Alone (Egyedül), (1928); Merciful Poverty (Irgalmas szegénység) (1931); Selected Poems (Válogatott versek) (1944); Whip and Olive Branch (Ostor és Olajág) (1957), and To be Worthy of Myself (Magamhoz méltóan) (1965). He received the Baumgarten Prize (1944) and the Attila József Prize (1965). – B: 0932, 1257, T: 7103.

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