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Beöthy, Zsolt (Buda, 4 September 1848 - Budapest, 18 April 1922) – Writer, literary historian. His son was László (Ladislas) Beöthy. He studied Law at the University of Pest (1867-1870); thereafter went abroad and studied at the Universities of Vienna and Munich (1870-1871). Between 1871 and 1875 he was a clerk at the Ministry of Finance. In 1877 he received a Ph.D. in Arts. Between 1875 and 1882 he taught Science at a Budapest high school. From 1878 he was an honorary lecturer, later Professor of Esthetics at the University of Budapest, as well as its Rector (1915-1916). He was first President of the Hungarian Literary Historical Society (Magyar Irodalomtörténeti Társaság) (1911-1919). He was the leading figure of a conservative-minded literature and literary scholarship around the turn of the 19th-20th centuries. He was a member of the Kisfaludy Society in 1876, its Secretary from 1879, and its President until his death. His works include Historical Review of Hungarian National Literature, vols. i,ii (A magyar nemzeti irodalom történeti ismertetése I-II), textbook (1877-1879, reached 14 editions); History of Hungarian Literature, vols. i,ii (A Magyar Irodalom Története, I-II) illustrated edition (1893-1895); A Short History of Hungarian Literature (A magyar irodalom kis-tükre) (1896), and History of the Arts, vols. i-iii (A művészetek története, I-III), editor (1905). He was a regular member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences from 1884, Director from 1893, and Vice-President in 1910-1913. He was a recipient of the Kisfaludy Society’s Greguss Award (1930). – B: 0883, 1257, T: 7456.→Beöthy, László; Rákosi, Szidi; Hungarology; Mitrovics, Gyula.

Berán, Lajos (Louis) (Budapest, 9 June 1882 - Budapest, 5 January 1943) – Sculptor and medalist. He studied at the Budapest and Vienna Academies. He exhibited for the first time in 1902, and won several prizes between 1906 and 1942. He belongs to the most outstanding and productive medalists of Hungary. In 1943, the Association of Fine Arts organized a commemorative exhibition of his works. He made some 1000 mostly portrait medals, among them that of Ignác Semmelweis, Kálmán Thaly and Ferenc Erkel. – B: 1185, T: 7673.→Erkel, Ferenc; Semmelweis, Ignác; Thaly, Kálmán.

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