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Beöthy, László (Ladislas) (Budapest, 13 April 1873 - Budapest, 7 May 1931) – Theater manager, journalist. He was the son of Zsolt Beöthy and Szidi Rákosi. He started journalism in 1891 at the paper Budapest News (Budapesti Hírlap), owned by his uncle, Jenő (Eugene) Rákosi. In 1898 he became manager of the Magyar Theater (Magyar Színház), which functioned at that time as an Operetta Theater. From 1990 to 1992 he was manager of the National Theater (Nemzeti Színház), Budapest. He was the first to stage the works of Géza Gádonyi and Sándor (Alexander) Bródy. In 1903 he founded the King Theater (Király Színház), opening with Pongrác Kacsóh’s John the Brave (János vitéz), reaching 689 performances, which popularized operetta, as well as the feasibility of his new theater. In 1907 he took over the management of the Magyar Theater and that of the Folk Opera (Népopera) in 1916. In 1918 he founded the First Hungarian Theater and Theater Mangement Coporation (Színházi és Színházüzemi Unio Rt.), which included, beside the Magyar Theater and the King Theater, the Inner City Theater (Belvárosi Színház) and the Lujza Blaha Theater (Blaha Lujza Színház). In 1924 he became the main shareholder and Managing Director of the Union. After the dissolution of the Union, he managed the Inner City Theater between 1926 and 1928. His poems, articles and stories appeared in a number of papers. His works include Two Girls and a Lad (Két lány, egy legény) (1895), The Three Casmirs (A három Kázmér) (1896), Golden Wedding (Aranylakodalom), with Viktor Rákosi (1898)é Madama Kovács (Kovácsné) (1903), and Uncle Ben (Béni bácsi) (1903). – B: 0883, T: 7103.→Beöthy, Zsolt; Rákosi, Szidi; Gárdonyi, Géza; Bródy, Sándor; Kacsóh, Pongrác; Rákosi, Viktor.

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