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Benkő, Gyula (Julius) (Budapest, 22 August 1918 - Budapest, 30 July 1997) – Actor. He trained at the Comedy Theater (Vígszinház), Budapest and joined it in 1939. He was its Director for a short while with Klári (Clara) Tolnai and István (Stephen) Somló in 1949. From 1949 to 1951 he worked at the Youth Theater (Ifjúsági Színház). His portrayals of psychological characters and grotesque figures were outstanding. His major roles included Marchbanks in Shaw’s Candida; Tuzenbach in Chechov’s Three Sisters (A három nővér); Christian in Rostand’s Cyrano de Bergerac; Oswald in Ibsen’s Ghosts (Kísértetek); Husband in Mesterházi’s Men of Pest (Pesti emberek); Val Xavier in Williams’ Orpheus Descending (Orfeusz alászáll), and Menelaos in Euripides’ Trojan Women (A trójai nők). There are some 26 feature films to his credit, including Love Each Other, Children (Szeressük egymást gyerekek); Thorn Under the Nail (Tüske a köröm alatt); The Red Countess (A vörös grófnő); Cold Days (Hideg napok); Zoltán Kárpáthy; Foto Haber; Darkness in Daylight (Nappali sötétség); Two Confessions (Két vallomás) Two Halftimes in Hell (Két félidő a pokolban), and Why? (Miért?). He was a recipient of the Mari Jászai Prize, and the titles of Merited Artist and Outstanding Artist. – B: 0870, 1445, T: 7103.→Tolnai, Klári; Somló, István.

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