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Benevento, Battle of (Italy) – One of Hungary’s famous acts of bravery. On 20 June 1350, 300 German mercenaries lodging at Benevento swore an oath to capture the Hungarian king Lajos I (Louis the Great, 342-1382) and hand him over to Johanna I, Queen of Naples. Hearing this, Miklós (Nicholas) Lackfi took 150 specially selected warriors of great courage and on the next day, leading them personally, fought the Germans at the gate of the city. After a bloody fight the Hungarians won a resounding victory, killing 150 of the mercenaries and taking another 150 captive. When King Lajos arrived from Melfi they were paraded in front of him as trophies of the victory. The king let them go but not before putting them to shame by stripping them of their weapons. – B: 0942, T: 7668.→Lajos I, King; Lackfi, Miklós.

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