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Benedek, Marcell (Marcellus) (Budapest, 22 September 1885 - Budapest, 30 May 1969) – Literary historian, translator. He received a teacher’s degree in German at the University of Budapest. In 1904 he founded the Thalia Society (Thalia Társaság) with György (George) Lukács and László (Ladislas) Bánóczi. He spent one year on a scholarship at the University of Paris (Sorbonne). After World War I he spent some years working for the Dante Book Publishers (Dante Könyvkiadó) as an editor, then joined the New Times Ltd. (Új Idők Rt.) publishing company and became its director. During 1930-1939 he acted as Secretary-General of the Hungarian National Book Publishers Association (Magyar Könyvkiadók Országos Egyesülete). At the time of the German occupation in 1944, he fled to Transylvania (Erdély, now in Romania), and during 1945-1946 taught at the University of Kolozsvár (now Cluj-Napoca, Romania). He also acted as a dramaturgist and guest director of the local Hungarian Theater (Magyar Színház). In 1947 he moved back to Budapest and was professor at the University. In 1965 he published his autobiography I am Reading My Diary (Naplómat olvasom). His book on the graet poet János (John) Arany was published after his death in 1970. He also wrote studies on Victor Hugo (1912); Emile Zola (1922); Shakespeare (1958); Romain Roland (1961), and G. B. Shaw (1963). Some of his most notable works are Modern Hungarian Literature (A modern magyar irodalom) (1924); French Literature (A francia irodalom) (1928); Literature Esthetics (Irodalom-esztétika) (1936), and World Literature (Világirodalom) (1964). His writing is characterised by a clear, informal style, and a humanistic mentality. His translation output is vast; there are close to 200 foreign works translated into Hungarian by him. Several of his translations popularized French literature. He had a Ph.D. in Literature (1952). He was a recipient of the Baumgarten Prize (1944) and the Kossuth Prize (1963). – B: 0883, 1257, T: 7617.→Benedek, Elek; Benedek, István; Arany, János.

Benedek, Sándor (Alexander) (Felsőőr, 3 April 1904 - Budapest, 24 January 1983) – Minister of the Reformed Church, theologian, writer. He studied Theology at Pápa (1923-1925, 1927), Vienna, (1925-1926), Marburg (1926), and Basel (1926-1927). He was Assistant Minister in Erdőcsokonya (1927-1930), in Nagyatád (1930-1931), then Minister there (1931-1938). He earned a Ph.D. in Theology in Debrecen in 1933. He was Professor of Practical Theology at the Reformed Theological Academy and Director of the Reformed College in Pápa (1938-1952). After the Theological Academy and the College of Pápa were closed by the Communist regime, he became a Parish Minister in Nagydorog in 1953. He edited the Congregational monthly, New Path (Új Ösvény) and a mission periodical (1947-1949). In his retirement he worked at the Ráday Collection, Budapest. His articles, essays and translations appeared in the Theological Review (Theológiai Szemle). His books include Practical Theology of Ferenc Tóth (Tóth Ferenc gyakorlati teológiája) (1933); The Future Church and its Service (A jövő egyháza és annak szolgálata) (1946), and What Kind of Minister Should the Future Minister be? (Milyen legyen a jövő lelkipásztora?) (1947). – B: 0910, T: 7103.

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