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Benedek, István (Stephen) (kisbaczoni) (Budapest, 17 January 1915 - Venice, Italy, 9 June 1996) – Physician, writer, cultural historian. Son of Marcell Benedek, and grandson of Elek Benedek, both well-known writers. His higher studies were at the Medical School of the University of Kolozsvár (now Cluj-Napoca, Romania). He became professor of clinical psychology and worked at his Alma Mater and later in Budapest. He was a true polyhistor, interested not only in psychology but also in cultural history. He was a dedicated mountaineer as well. His books and writings proved his versatility. He was member of learned societies and the Hungarian Mountaineering and Sport Climbing Association. His works include Golden Cage (Aranyketrec) (1957, 1968), that reached 11 printings and was translated into German and Slovak; Man and Kid (Ember és gyerek) (1965); Three Shirts (Három ing) (1966); Csineva (1968); Voice in the Wilderness (Pusztába kiáltott szó) (1974), and Tramping Through the Alps (Csavargás az Alpokon) (1958). He was a recipient of the Széchenyi Prize (1992), the Albert Szent-Györgyi Prize (1992), and the Distinguished Prize of MTI-Press (1994). – B: 0878, 1255, T: 7103.→Benedek, Elek; Benedek, Marcell.

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