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Bendeguz – According to tradition

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BendeguzAccording to tradition, the name of Attila’s (Etele), Buda’s (Bleda) and Réva’s father. Hungarian phonetics derives the name from Mondiochos (Munduguz, Munduz). Since Bendeguz was the father of both Attila and Buda, it is regarded as evidence that Hungarians of old had some ancient Hun traditions. – B: 0942, T: 7103.→Attila, Buda; Huns.

Bene, Ferenc (Francis) (Balatonújlak, 17 December 1944 - Budapest, 27 February 2006) – Soccer-player. He was a player of Újpest Dózsa (1961-1978), Volán FC (1978-1979, 1983-1984), Sepci-78, Finland (1981-1982), and Kecskemét SC (1985). He was a member of the team that won the gold medal at the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. He was the top scorer of the tournament (12 goals in 5 matches). Bene played his first international match against Yugoslavia on 14 October 1962, and his last against Czechoslovakia on 12 September 1979. He obtained 76 caps and scored 36 goals. He was bronze medalist at the European Championships of 1964, and a quarter-finalist at the World Cup of 1966 (at the latter event he was the top scorer of the Hungarian national team). Bene was named Footballer of the Year in 1969. He died after a lengthy treatment following a fall at the end of 2005. His son Ferenc (Francis) Bene Jr. is also a former player, who is working as a coach. – B: 1031, T: 7103.

Benedek, Elek (Alec) (Kisbacon, now Bătaneii Micu, Transylvania in Romania, 30 September 1859 - Kisbacon, 17 August 1929) – Writer, journalist. He completed his university studies in Budapest, became first a journalist and later a Member of Parliament. In his parliamentary speeches he dealt with issues relating to juvenile literature, folk poetry, popular speech and education. In 1889, with Lajos (Louis) Pósa, he started the first national childrens’ literary magazine, My Journal (Az Én Újságom). He edited a series of children’s books and also wrote poems, plays and books for girls, historical books, and books on the history of literature. From 1921 he lived in Kisbacon and edited the youth journal Buddy (Cimbora). His works include Szekler Storyteller (Székely mesemondó) (1888); Book of the Heart, vols. i, ii (A szív könyve, I, II) stories (1895), and The Wonder-Tree (A csudafa) (1927). As a children’s storyteller he was one of the founders of children’s literature. As a folk and popular scientific writer he also had a great influence on a wider range of literature. In his stories and novels he immortalized the village folks of Transylvania (Erdély, now in Romania). – B: 0883, 1257, T: 7666.→Benedek, Marcell; Pósa, Lajos.

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