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Belgrade Peace Treaty (18 September, 1739) – Under the alliance of the Russian-Habsburg Treaty, the war against the Turks continued until the Austrian and the Turkish troops clashed for the last time at Belgrade. During the battle 500 Turks fell, 200 were wounded, and many became prisoners. The Imperial Army lost only 100 men and claimed a total victory. Refusing to give in to despair, the grand vizier next day called upon the imperial guardians of Belgrade to give up the stronghold to the Turks. Facing the willingness of the Turks to continue the battle and acting without the approval of their superior, Counts Wallis and Neipperg made the shameful Belgrade Peace Treaty with them. Under its terms all the reconquered territories except the Bánság region were returned to Turkish hands. Due to the Treaty, the Habsburg Empire completely lost all opportunities to liberate the Balkans, thus opening the way for Russia to extend its influence to that region. – B: 1131, T: 7668.

Belia, György (George) (Nagyszeben, now Sibiu in Transylvania, Romania, 2 December 1923 - Budapest, 12 March 1982) – Literary historian, translator. His career began in the Archives of the National Széchényi Library (Országos Széchényi Könyvtár), Budapest by researching the life work of poet Mihály (Michael) Babits. From 1957 he was correspondent for the Literary Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and later became editor of Europe Publishers (Európa Könyvkiadó). He headed the classics group of the Belletristic Literary Publisher (Szépirodalmi Könyvkiadó). He took active part in collecting valuable literary works of the past for publication, and it was to his credit that all the works of Mihály Babits were published. He was chief contributor to the World Literary Lexicon (Világirodalmi Lexikon). His works include The Correspondence of Babits-Juhász-Kosztolányi (Babits-Juhász-Kosztolányi levelezése) (1959); Mihály Babits From Book to Book (Könyvről-könyvre) (1973), and Student Years of Mihály Babits (Babits Mihály tanulóévei) (1983) – B: 0883, 1257, T: 7456.→Babits, Mihály.

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