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Belényesi, Gergely (Gregory) (Belényes, now Beius, Transylvania in Romania 1514 - 1545?) Church reformer, John Calvin’s Hungarian disciple. He studied at Nagyvárad (now Oradea, Romania) where at that time Greek was already being taught. Then he continued his studies abroad in Strassburg, Paris, Geneva and again in Strassburg where he became acquainted with the Reformed Church and with John Calvin. During the time when Calvin was banished from Geneva, between 1539 and 1541, he was the Minister of the refugee French congregation. After a few months in Strassburg Belényesi moved to Paris, where he continued his humanistic studies at the University of Paris (Sorbonne). Returning to Strassburg he met Calvin more frequently, who in 1544 often invited him to be a guest at his table. News of the cruelties of the Turks in Hungary reached him and made him to decide to return home. He took leave from Calvin in a letter dated 26 March 1545. His last letter was dated from Frankfurt on 29 March 1545. Nothing is known of him after that. – B: 1185, 1257, T: 7682.→Reformed Church in Hungary.

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