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Bakfark, Bálint (Valentine) (Greff, Graevius, Valentinus) (Brassó, now Braşov, Romania, ca. 1506 - Padua, 22 August 1576) – Musician and composer. He was a celebrated lute virtuoso throughout Europe. He was brought up in Buda at the court of King János I (John) (Szapolyai) (1526-1540) and later received noble status. After the death of King János he moved to Italy, then to France, where he was in close contact with the court during the first years of King Henry II’s rule. As Orpheus Pannoniae, he traveled throughout Europe spending long periods at noble courts. Two of his lute compositions are still known. Many contemporary poets paid tribute to him. His works appeared in several editions in Hungary and throughout Europe. It was partly due to his artistry that Western composers became acquainted with Hungarian folk song motives. These appeared in the 16th century as Ungaresca or Ungarischer Tanz (Hungarian Dance). He was also interested in French and Polish literature. – B: 0883, 1257, T: 7684.→János I, King.

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