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Béla I, King (circa 1016 - 8 July 1063) – Hungarian king of the House of Árpád. He was the third son of Vazul (Vázsony), grandson of Khagan (Prince) Taksony. When his father Vazul (Vázsony) was blinded, Béla fled with his brothers to the court of Prince Bretislav of Bohemia to thwart his father’s political designs, and later to King Miesko of Poland, where he gained considerable acclaim in the battle against the Pomeranians. He was invited back by his brother, King András I (Endre, Andrew) in 1048. He returned to Hungary to oversee the country’s defenses. He successfully defeated Henrik III, Holy Roman Emperor, by using ancient Hungarian tactics. When his brother reneged on his promise by granting the throne to Salamon (Solomon) instead of Béla, he returned to Poland and gathered an army to attack his brother, András (Endre). After defeating him, Béla was crowned king at Székesfehérvár on 6 December 1060. Following his enthronement he suppressed the rebels of János (John), son of Vata, attacked the Szeklers and canceled all ancient titles, an act that strengthened Christianity. He did much to strengthen Christianity and created a strong cultural base in Hungary. In his battle against Emperor Henrik IV, a supporter of the former king Salamon, he suffered a serious injury at Dömös and died of his wounds near the western border of Hungary. He was buried at the Abbey of Szekszárd, which he had founded. From his marriage to Rexa, daughter of a Polish prince, he had three sons Géza (Geza), László (Ladislas) and Lambert, and four daughters Princesses Zsófia (Sophia), Eugenia, Ilona (Helena) (wife of Croatian King Zvojnimir) and another whose name is lost. – B: 0883, 1133, T: 3323.→Árpád, House of; András I, King, Géza I, King; László I, King.

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