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Béky, Zoltán (Hernádszentandrás, 21 June 1903 - Washington, DC, USA, 26 November 1978) – Bishop of the Reformed Church in the USA. He was a leading figure of the emigrant Hungrians. He was ordained in Sárospatak, where he studied Theology at the Reformed Theological Academy. He continued his studies in Philadelphia. Between 1929 and 1936 he was Minister of the Trenton congregation. In 1936 he became the Dean of Eastern Classis; in 1954 he was named Senior Dean of the Hungarian Reformed Church in America, and Bishop from 1958. He took part in various world congresses, where he became a spokesman for Hungarian causes. The city of Trenton made him an honorary citizen and named a street after him. The Governor of the State of New Jersey appointed him Commissioner for Refugees. He was chairman of various emigrant organizations and institutions of the Hungarian Reformed Church in the US. In 1970 he became a member of an Advisory Committee, appointed by the President of the United States. On four occasions he delivered the opening prayer in both chambers of the Congress. He administered the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper to US presidents Johnson, Nixon and Ford. He was Editor-in-Chief of the Hungarian Church (Magyar Egyház) from 1954 onward, and the periodical Brotherhood (Testvériség) from 1965 on. He was also the author of numerous religious, sociological and political articles and published several volumes on Theology, as well as on the history of Hungarian congregational life in America. He served as President of the Hungarian Reformed Federation of America from 1964 to 1976. He furthered the ecumenical movement, and throughout his life he sought to keep together the emigrant Hungarians scattered throughout America. In 1947 the Theological Academy of Sárospatak granted him an Honorary Professorship in Theology. – B: 0883, 0910, 1160, T: 7686.→Reformed Churches in America.

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