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Békési, Andor (Andrew) (Panyik) (Ócsa, 17 February 1910 - Ócsa, 1 March 1989) – Minister of the Reformed Church, theologian. He studied Theology at the Reformed Theological Academy, Budapest (1928-1932) and at Montpellier (1931), Bonn (1932), and Princeton (1933). He obtained his Doctoral Degrees in New Testament Studies from the Protestant Divinity School, Philadelphia in 1933, and in Old Testament Studies from Princeton in 1938. He was a lecturer at the Theological Academy, Budapest (1938-1939), a teacher of religion in Budapest (1938-1945), and Minister in Ócsa (1945-1983). He participated in the Reformed Renewal Movement and in the Reformed Action Committee during the 1956 Revolution. He was arrested and put under investigative detention. He was an eminent John Calvin researcher and, his writings appeared in church papers and magazines in Hungary as well as abroad. He was one of the best-educated theologians of the Reformed Church in the second half of the 20th century. He was Series Editor of the Evangelical Calvinism. He also participated in the Jubilee Commentary (Jubileumi Kommentár) publication. His books include Let You Be Quiet (Csendesedjetek el) (1943), The Dissimilar Bible (A felemás Biblia) (1943); God’s Man in the Storm (Isten embere a viharban) (1943), The Kingdom of God and Us (Isten országa és mi) (1943), He who Triumphs(Aki győz) (1944, 1990), Preach the Word... (Hirdesd az Igét...) (1980), Calvin on the Holy Spirit (Kálvin a Szentlélekrő) (1985), and Calvin on the Sacraments (Kálvin a sákramentumokról) (1987). He translated Calvin’s Institutio religionis christianae 1559 (Teaching the Christian Faith – Tanítás a keresztyén vallásra, 1559) (1986). – B: 0910, T: 7103.→Reformed Church in Hungary.

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