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Békefi, Benő (Benjamin) (Budapest, 5 May 1909 - Budapest, 25 March 1964) – Bishop of the Reformed Church. He studied Theology in Budapest and Debrecen (1928-1932), where he also learned Philosophy and Pedagogy. He was Assistant Minister in Dévaványa (1935-1940) and in Nyíregyháza (1941-1943). Later he was a minister of the Friendly Association of Congregational Evangelization (A gyülekezeti evangélizáció baráti társasága) (1943-1945), Dean and Minister in Nyíregyháza (1945-1969), in Dunaalmás (1961-1963), and in Veszprém (1963-1964). He was Bishop of the Transdanubian Church District (1962-1964). He was also Director of the Institute of Deaconesses, Nyíregyháza, then Professor of Theology at Debrecen, and later in Budapest. In addition, he was involved in numerous civil activities. He edited Church papers such as the Sentry of Szabolcs (Szabolcsi Őrszem) (1935); Vigil of the Nyírség (Nyírségi Virrasztó) (1940-1942); The Hungarian Reformed Awakening, with A. Bereczky (A Magyar Református Ébredés), A. Bereczkyvel (1943-1947), and Christian Family (Keresztyén Család) (1946-1947). He authored numerous articles. He also wrote under the pen-names Doulos, Dániel Faluvégi, and Tamás (Thomas) Magyar. His books include Jesus and Buddha (Jézus és Buddha) (1922); From Grace by Faith (Kegyelemből hit által), and The Method of Mission (A misszió módszere) (1944). He was a leader of the post-war Reformed awakening who was later elevated in church leadership to Dean, Professor of Theology and Bishop. – B: 0910, T: 7103.→Bereczky, Albert.

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