B bábi, Tibor

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Békeffi, István (Stephen) (Békeffy) (Szeged, 31 August 1901 - Budapest, 9 June 1977) – Playwright, cabaret writer. He was educated in a Cadet School and read Law at Nagyvárad (now Oradea, Romania), Sopron and Budapest. His successful stage comedies, such as Where Were You Suring the Night? (Hol voltál az éjszaka?), made him famous. This was followed by operettas, film-scripts and comedies. His first film-script appeared in 1934, and he wrote about 22 until 1942. His co-writers were Dezső (Desider) Kellér, László (Ladislas) Vadnai and Adorján (Adrian) Stella. He edited the journal Reflector (Fényszóró) in 1945-1946. In 1957 he and his wife, actress Ida (Ida) Turay left for Switzerland, where he produced scripts for the West German film industry, such as Accident (Baleset), Der Hund Bozzi hiess (A kutya akit Bozzi úrnak hívnak). His musical had its debut at the Operetta Theater, Budapest in 1977. They returned to Hungary in 1971. His works include The Siege of Beszterce (Beszterce ostroma), and An Angel Landed in Boston (Egy angyal szállt le Bostonban). He also published in book-form the Latyi-Matyi poems, and the Adventures of Pomócsi, with Dezső (Desider) Kellér. He was a famous and popular playwright of his time. He was twice a recipient of the Attila József Price (1950, 1953). – B: 0883, 1160, T: 7103.→Kellér, Dezső; Turay, Ida; Vadnai, László; Stella, Adorján.

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