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Beke, Albert (Nádudvar, 18 March 1934 - ) – Writer, literary historian. His secondary studies were at the Reformed High School and at the Mihály (Michael) Fazekas High School, Debrecen. He acquired a teacher’s certificate in Hungarian Literature in 1956. In 1956-1957 he taught at the High School of Sátoraljaújhely. Between 1957 and 1962 he was librarian at the University Library, Debrecen. In 1959 he earned a Ph.D. in Hungarian Literature at the University of Debrecen. From 1962 to 1994 he taught at a High School in Budapest. From 1994 he was professor at the Gáspár (Gasper) Károli Reformed University, Budapest, where he lectured on the history of late 19th century literature and taught special courses on the works of Pál (Paul) Gyulai, Endre (Andrew) Ady, and on literary romanticism and realism. He was Editor-in-Chief of the Studia Nova periodical of the University. In 1997 he obtained a Ph.D. from the University of Debrecen. From 1998 until his retirement in 2000 he was Departmental Head at the Ministry of Environment. His writings have appeared since 1953, including Power and Role - the Man, Pál (Paul) Gyulai (Hatalom és szerep, Gyulai Pál, az ember) (1994), The Art of Doubting (A kételkedés művészete), essay in literary history and theory and criticism (1999); Against the Wind (A széllel szemben), essays in criticism (1994), The Art of Doubting (A kételkedés művészete), studies and critics (1999), The Emigrant Sándor Márai on Hungarians and on Himself (Az emigráns Márai Sándor a magyarságtól és önmagáról) (2003), and Remembering the Day before Yesterday (Emlékezés a tegnapelőttre) (2009). He was awarded the Annual Literary Critic Prize of the Mihály (Michael) Táncsics Foundation (1995). – B: 1247, T: 7103.→Gyulai, Pál; Ady, Endre; Márai, Sándor.

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