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Békás Pass and Lake Gyilkos National Park

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Békás Pass and Lake Gyilkos National Park, Transylvania (Erdély, now in Romania) – Located 24 km east of Gyergyószentmiklós (now Gheorgheni, Romania), the canyon-like pass is 5 km long with 200-300 m high rock walls. It was possibly carved by a glacier at the end of the last glacial period (12,000-10,000 BC) and subsequently modified by the rapidly flowing River Békás. This valley is a spectacular natural pass across the eastern Carpathian Mountains from Transylvania to Moldavia. The head of the valley is occupied by Lake Gyilkos (Killer) that was formed above a dam created by a landslide from the slopes in 1837 AD. The surface area of the lake is about 70 hectares. Its elevation is 983 m and its greatest depth is 10 meters. The tallest mountain of the area is the famous 1154 m high Oltárkő (Altar-stone) rock formation. The sub-alpine vegetation of the valley and adjacent mountains is unique. Recently the chamois was rehabilitated here from the Fogaras Mountains of the Southern Carpathians and adapted well to the region. The protected area of the National Park is 2128 hectares. – B: 1199, T: 7656.

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