B bábi, Tibor

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Bejczy, Antal K. (Anthony K.) (Ercsi, 16 January 1930 - ) Electrical engineer. His higher studies were carrried out at the Budapest Polytechnic until 1956. Following the defeat of the 1956 Revolution, he left Hungary for Norway. He finished his studies with a Ph.D. in applied physics at the University of Oslo, Norway in 1963. He remained at the University, lecturing on statistics. He moved to the USA in 1966. From 1969 he was a professor at the California Institute of Technology and at the University of St. Louis. He became a Senior Research Scientist of the NASA Telerobotics Development Program at the Jet Propulsions Laboratoty (JPL), California Institute of Technology. He led the development of The Mars “microrover”, dubbed Sojourner, and Pathfinder’s Remote Control System. His work was completed with the active participation of Ferenc (Francis) Pavlics, the Hungarian originator of the Moon Rover, and Pál (Paul) Greguss. Bejczy was also the principal investigator of a robot arm force-torque sensor and control flight experiment. His major research interests have been robotics and advanced teleoperation. He is a Distinguished Lecturer for the Robotics and Automation Society. He authored two books, some 124 scientific studies and four patented inventions. He is a recipient of numerous awards, among them the Jean Vertut Prize (1987). – B: 0874, 1279, T: 7103.→Greguss, Pál; Pavlics, Ferenc.

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