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Bécsi Béke (Vienna Peace Treaty, 1606) –

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Bécsi Béke (Vienna Peace Treaty, 1606) – Treaty between King Rudolf (Rudolph) I (1576-1608) and Prince István (Stephen) Bocskai, following his successful uprising and freedom fight. The Treaty stipulated the independence of Transylvania, the freedom of religion for Protestants, and the restoration of the estates’ self-government. Hungary was to be governed by her laws, the King to make peace with the Turks. Castle Tokaj, the Counties of Ugocsa, Bereg and Szatmár were to be added to the estates of Bocskai with the condition that after his death all his estates would revert to the King. This treaty was the legal basis for the independence fights of the 17th century. – B: 1105, T: 7103.→Freedom Fight of Bocskai, Prince István.

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