B bábi, Tibor

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Becse-Gergely Clan – One of Hungary’s most remarkable clans. Ancestors of the clan, Becse and Gergely looked after King Béla III (1172-1196) while he was living in the Greek Emperor’s court. It is possible that they were either stewards of the royal household, or the king’s private tutors. The members of the clan gained distinction for the founding of monasteries and for populating the eastern part of the country. The clan had two main branches: the Almakeréky, Apafi, Bethlen, Léti and Tóti families originate from the Bethlens; while the Nemegyey, Somkeréky and Virágosberky families descend from the Somkeréky branch. – B: 1078, T: 7685.→Béla III, King.

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