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Beck, Ödön Fülöp (Edmund, Philip) (Pápa, 23 June 1873 - Budapest, 31 January 1945) – Sculptor. He studied at the Academy of Applied Art, Budapest, and continued his education in Paris and Munich. Later, he visited Italy on a study trips. In 1895 he was commissioned to create a reward medal for the Hungarian millennium exhibition of 1896, and his design won first prize. He then moved back to Hungary. First he created artistic utensils in secessionist style; later plaquettes and sculptures. From 1908 he carved stone sculptures and chiseled the negative of his medals. His works include Aphrodite (1915); Animal Reliefs (Állatrelifek) (1911); St. Sebastian (Szent Sebestyén) (1914); Baumgarten Tombstone (Baumgarten síremlék) (1928); Heros’ Memorial of Pápa, (Pápai hősi emlékmű) Pápa (1931); Ferenc (Franz) Liszt Memorial Plaque (Liszt Ferenc emléktábla) (1935), and Ironcasting Workers (Vasöntő munkások) (1943). His busts include those of Zsigmond (Sigismund) Móricz, Mihály (Michael) Babits and Zoltán Kodály. He created some 500 medals. He is regarded as one of the pioneers of Hungarian sculpting. – B: 0932, T: 7103.→Liszt, Ferenc; Móricz, Zsigmond; Babits, Mihály; Kodály, Zoltán.

Bécs – (1) In ancient times this word in Hungarian meant a location that lay outside a defined boundary. In the Transdanubian (Dunántúl) district, the local dialect still uses the expression: “I am going to bécs” to indicate a journey to the periphery of the city. The origin of the word is most likely late Avar. (2) Bécs is the Hungarian name of Vienna, capital of Austria. – B: 0942, T: 3233.

Bécs Country – According to Pál (Paul) Király, this term was used to describe a territory that lay outside the boundary of a larger region but belonging to it. The theory is supported by a text in the Wagner Universal Dictionary describing how King Mátyás I (Matthias Corvinus, 1458-1490) conquered Bécsország (Bécs country) as a whole. Although it is located outside the boundary proper, the author of the text regards the territory as an outlying part of Hungary, since it was under the authority of the Hungarian Crown during the reign of King Mátyás. It was in this sense that the district was named Bécsország. – B: 1133, T: 3233.→Mátyás I, King.

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