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Bauer, Lord Peter Thomas (Budapest, 6 November 1915 - Cambridge, England, 3 May 2002) – Economist. He studied at the Piarist High School, Budapest. One of his father’s clients in Budapest offered the 18-year-old higher education in Britain. He studied at the Goonville and Gaius Colleges, Cambridge. Then he read Economics at the University of London (1947-1948) and lectured in economics at Cambridge (1948-1956). Following some study trips in Malaysia and West Africa, he became a professor at the London School of Economics (LSE). He specialized in Economic Development in 1960. He was created a Lord in 1982. He joined the Conservative Philosophy Group and soon was an ardent follower of Margaret Thatcher. His published works include The Rubber Industry, Dissent on Development, Reality and Rhetoric and Studies in Economics. – B: 1125, T: 7680, 7103.

Bauer, Rudolf (Budapest, 2 January 1879 - Sósér, 9 November 1932) – Athlete, discus-thrower. He was the second Hungarian sportsman to gain an Olympic championship after Alfréd Hajós. As a young student of the Agricultural College of Magyaróvár, he was the first in the world to throw the discus by taking a revolving swing. With the new technique he revolutionized the throwing technique. In Paris he won the first gold medal of Hungarian athletics with a 36.04- meter throw. At the time of his Olympic victory he was only 21; afterwards he took part only in a few athletic tournaments. He turned to rowing. Eventually he became a farmer. In the summer of 2000, on the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of his victory of 15 July 1900, a memorial plaque was placed on his one-time house in Kinizsi Street, Budapest. – B: 0883, 1768, 1031, T: 7456.→Hajós, Alfréd.

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