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Batthyány Strattman, Prince Ödön

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Batthyány Strattman, Prince Ödön (Edmund) (Milan, Italy, 21 November 1827 - Körmend, 29 October 1914) – Sportsman, land owner. He purchased the ‘Flying Cloud’, a two-masted, 75- ton schooner in England. He and his crew won a challenge race with the Royal Thames Yacht Club in 1862, beating three larger vessels during the same year. He was the very first successful representative of Hungarian boat racing abroad. After returning home in 1866, he established sailing boat racing on Lake Balaton; but continued to race in England and won 13 times out of 14. – B: 0883, 1339, T: 7675.→’Flying Cloud’.

Battle Axe – A small, curved handle weapon on a long helve. The lighter “csákány” could be used successfully against chain mail replacing the heavier weapon, called “csatabárd” that was more effective against solid armor. At the end of the 15th century a sharp point was added to one side that could pierce an armor plate of sheet metal. – B: 1078, T: 3233.

Batu (circa 1205-1256) – Mongol Khan. He was a grandson of Genghis Khan, the first ruler of the “Golden Horde”. During his military campaigns between 1235 and 1246, he conquered the majority of the Russian principalities, chased away or subjugated the Cumanian tribes of southern Russia, and for many years strengthened the rule of the Golden Horde. He ravaged Poland in 1240-1241; and following the victory over Hungary at the Battle of Muhi (now Mochovce, Slovakia) in 1241, and some battles in Croatia and Dalmatia, he withdrew after receiving the news of the Great Khan Ogotái’s death. Due to his bad relationship with Kujuk, a candidate for becoming the Great Khan, he never returned to his homeland. According to Muslim historians he settled on the shores of the River Volga and died there. – B: 1078, T: 7668.→Béla IV, King; Julianus, Friar.

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