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Batthyány Strattman, Prince, László

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Batthyány Strattman, Prince, László (Ladislas) (Dunakiliti, 28 October 1870 - Vienna, Austria, 22 January 1931) – Physician. He began his secondary education in the Jesuit College, Kalkburg, near Vienna, continuing it at Kalocsa and Ungvár (now Uzhhorod, Ukaine). From his early childhood he wanted to be a physician and to heal the sick for free. However, first he studied Agriculture, Chemistry, Astronomy and Philosophy at the University of Vienna, and only later did he switch to Medicine and acquired his Degree in 1900. In 1902 he founded his first fully equipped private hospital in Castle Köpcsény, where he healed all who sought his help, free of charge. Later he built and equipped a new 120-bed hospital. When Köpcsény was ceded to Austria in 1921, the regional administration took over the hospital. From then until 1990, it operated as the Köpcsény Hospital. The Prince moved to Körmend in 1922, and in his castle he opened another hospital – but now for those with eye troubles. He performed close to 20,000 operations, of which about 6,000 were eye operations. He died of cancer and was buried in the family’s mausoleum located in the church of the Franciscan Order at Németújvár. A plaque on the wall of the church in Körmend tells the life story of the “physician of the poor”. A small exhibit in the renovated Batthyány oratorium of the parish church shows the physician’s memorabilia. There are plans for his statue to be erected in the garden of the Batthyány Castle in Körmend. On 23 March 2003 ”the doctor of the poor” was beatified by Pope John Paul II in St Peter’s Square, Rome in the presence of Hungarian statesmen, Hungarian bishops and thousands of pilgrims from Hungary and Austria. – B: 1033, 1031, T: 7103, 7668.

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