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Battery of the Dead – The name given to those artillery units who sacrificed themselves in the Battle of Königgrätz, Austria (now Hradec Krlovi in the Czech Republic) that was one of the decisive battles of the 19th century. The title originated after the battle, where the Austrian Army of 215,000 suffered a decisive defeat from the 220,000 better equipped Prussian Army. A Hungarian Mounted Field Artillery Battery fought on the Austrian side sacrificed themselves up to the last man and so merited the title ”Battery of the Dead”. – B: 1198, 1020, T: 3233.

Batthyány Codex – The oldest surviving handwritten Protestant gradual, originating between 1556 and 1563. It contains hymns, antiphones, translations of psalms etc, a good many of them dating from the Middle Ages, therefore they are of Roman Catholic origin. In translation the original texts have been changed to suit Protestant beliefs. To the unsung parts of the hymns, tunes were added and eventually some became popular folk tunes. Many of these melodies originated in 17th century graduals. The Codex is in the Batthyány Library at Gyulafehérvár (now Alba Iulia, Romania) from where it derives its name. – B: 1136, T: 7666.→Codex Literature.

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