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Bátky, Zsigmond (Sigismund) (Kocs, 5 January 1874 - Budapest, 28 August 1939) – Ethnographer. He completed his high school and university studies in Budapest, majoring in geography. At a young age he was employed at the Ethnographic Department of the Hungarian National Museum, where he worked for a few years. In 1922 he became the director of the Ethnographic Museum. In the work entitled Ethnography of Hungary (Magyarország néprajza) he was the author of the chapters on Nutrition, Building Activities, Heating, and Mechanizations (1905). He published in 1906 his work Guide to the Organization of Ethnographic Museums (Útmutató néprajzi múzeumok szervezésére), ever since widely used as a handbook. Especially significant are his researches carried out in the field of popular building activities. His works include On the Origin of the Hungarian Home (A magyar ház eredetéhez) (essay, 1930); Kocs and Tekevár (Kocs és Tekevár) (study, 1926); and Das ungarische Bauernhaus (The Hungarian Peasant House) in: Ungarische Jahrbücher (Hungarian Yearbooks) (1938). His lifework considerably contributed to the rise of Hungarian ethnographic work to European level. To his memory the Hungarian Ethnographic Society and the people of the township of Kocs placed a memorial tablet on the wall of the local school in 1984. – B: 0883, 1031, T: 7456.→Viski, Károly.

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