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Báthory, Prince Gábor (Gabriel) (Várad, now Nagyvárad/ Oradea, Romania, 15 August 1589 - Várad, 27 October 1613) – Reigning Prince of Transylvania (Erdély, now in Romania) (1608-1613). He came from the princely Báthory family. He was the last reining prince from the family, and with the support of the Hajdús he became ruler of Transylvania. Gábor Bethlen also supported him. Báthory reigned only a few years, but his time was characterized by unrest. He had internal as well as external enemies. The Saxons turned against him because Báthory occupied Szeben (now Sibiu, Romania), despite it being a free royal town. He fought several battles with Radu Vlach Vojvode with changing luck. A part of the Transylvanian nobles organized a conspiracy against him, but Báthory suppressed it. The Viennese Court too, sent an army against Báthory, and even the Turks distrusted him; it was in the interest of both empires to be rid of him. When Báthory intended to hand over Várad to the Turks, his Hajdús killed him. – B: 1031, 2083, T: 7103.→Bethlen, Prince Gábor; Hajdús.

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