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Bábi, Tibor (Poczkody) (Báb, now Slovakia, 30 October 1925 - Pozsony, now Bratislava, Slovakia, 23 June 1978) – Poet, writer, journalist, translator of literary works. His higher studies were at the Law School of the University of Budapest (1947). In 1948 he returned to Slovakia and from 1949 he studied at the Academy of Political and Economic Studies, Prague. From 1951 onward he worked as a journalist for various newspapers, among them the Torch (Fáklya) and the New Word (Új Szó). Between 1967 and 1976 he was Editor of the Literary Review (Irodalmi Szemle). He wrote reports on workers, as well on poems and literary translations. His works include This is your People (Ez a te néped) poems (1954); Wandering Bird (Vándormadár) poems (1960); Tear-drop Under Microscope (Könny mikroszkóp alatt) poems (1966); From Europe to Europe (Európából Európába) travel diary (1973), and Brook and Spring (Patak és forrás), sketches (1976). He translated a number of lyric works from Czech into Hungarian. In his early poems he protested against discrimination of Hungarians in Slovakia. He was a member of the Society of Slovak Writers. He was a recipient the Madách Prize (1966). – B: 0883, 1257, 1551, 1890, T: 7103.

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