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—20.4(153) Categories of dental assistants: dental assistant trainee, registered dental assistant

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650—20.4(153) Categories of dental assistants: dental assistant trainee, registered dental assistant. There are two categories of dental assistants. Both the supervising dentist and dental assistant are responsible for maintaining documentation of training. Such documentation must be maintained in the office of practice and shall be provided to the board upon request.

20.4(1) Dental assistant trainee. Dental assistant trainees are all individuals who are engaging in on-the-job training to meet the requirements for registration and who are learning the necessary skills under the personal supervision of a licensed dentist. Trainees may also engage in on-the-job training in dental radiography pursuant to 650—22.3(136C,153).

a. General requirements. The dental assistant trainee shall meet the following requirements:

(1) Prior to the trainee status expiration date, the dental assistant trainee shall successfully complete a course of study and examination in the areas of infection control, hazardous materials, and jurisprudence. The course of study shall be prior approved by the board and sponsored by a board-approved postsecondary school.

(2) Prior to the trainee status expiration date, the trainee must apply to the board office to be reclassified as a registered dental assistant.

(3) If a trainee fails to become registered by the trainee status expiration date, the trainee must stop work as a dental assistant.

b. New trainee application required if trainee not registered prior to trainee status expiration date. Pursuant to Iowa Code section 153.39, a person employed as a dental assistant has a 12-month period following the person’s first date of employment to become registered. If not registered by the trainee status expiration date, the trainee must stop work as a dental assistant and reapply for trainee status.

(1) Reapplying for trainee status. A trainee may “start over” as a dental assistant trainee provided the trainee submits an application in compliance with subrule 20.6(1).

(2) Examination scores valid for three years. A “repeat” trainee is not required to retake an examination (jurisprudence, infection control/hazardous materials, radiography) if the trainee has successfully passed the examination within three years of the date of application. If a trainee has failed two or more examinations, the trainee must satisfy the remedial education requirements in subrule 20.10(1). The trainee status application will not be approved until the trainee successfully completes any required remedial education.

(3) New trainee status expiration date issued. If the repeat trainee application is approved, the board office will establish a new trainee status expiration date by which registration must be completed.

(4) Maximum of two “start over” periods allowed. In addition to the initial 12-month trainee status period, a dental assistant is permitted up to two start over periods as a trainee. If a trainee seeks an additional start over period beyond two, the trainee shall submit a petition for rule waiver under 650—Chapter 7.

c. Trainees enrolled in cooperative education or work study programs. The requirements stated in this subrule apply to all dental assistant trainees, including a person enrolled in a cooperative education or work-study program through an Iowa high school. In addition, a trainee under 18 years of age shall not participate in dental radiography.

20.4(2) Registered dental assistant. A registered dental assistant may perform under general supervision dental radiography, intraoral suctioning, and all extraoral duties that are assigned by the dentist and are consistent with these rules. During intraoral procedures, the registered dental assistant may, under direct supervision, assist the dentist in performing duties assigned by the dentist that are consistent with these rules. The registered dental assistant may take radiographs if qualified pursuant to 650—Chapter 22.

[ARC 0465C, IAB 11/28/12, effective 1/2/13]

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