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—20.3(153) Scope of practice

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650—20.3(153) Scope of practice.

20.3(1) In all instances, a dentist assumes responsibility for determining, on the basis of diagnosis, the specific treatment patients will receive and which aspects of treatment may be delegated to qualified personnel as authorized in these rules.

20.3(2) A licensed dentist may delegate to a dental assistant those procedures for which the dental assistant has received training. This delegation shall be based on the best interests of the patient. The dentist shall exercise supervision and shall be fully responsible for all acts performed by a dental assistant. A dentist may not delegate to a dental assistant any of the following:

a. Diagnosis, examination, treatment planning, or prescription, including prescription for drugs and medicaments or authorization for restorative, prosthodontic or orthodontic appliances.

b. Surgical procedures on hard and soft tissues within the oral cavity and any other intraoral procedure that contributes to or results in an irreversible alteration to the oral anatomy.

c. Administration of local anesthesia.

d. Placement of sealants.

e. Removal of any plaque, stain, or hard natural or synthetic material except by toothbrush, floss, or rubber cup coronal polish, or removal of any calculus.

f. Dental radiography, unless the assistant is qualified pursuant to 650—Chapter 22.

g. Those procedures that require the professional judgment and skill of a dentist.

20.3(3) A dentist may delegate an expanded function duty to a registered dental assistant if the assistant has completed board-approved training pursuant to rule 650—20.16(153) in the specific expanded function that will be delegated. The supervising dentist and registered dental assistant shall be responsible for maintaining in the office of practice documentation of board-approved training. In addition to the other duties authorized under this rule, a dentist may delegate any of the following expanded function duties:

a. Taking occlusal registrations;

b. Placement and removal of gingival retraction;

c. Taking final impressions;

d. Fabrication and removal of provisional restorations;

e. Applying cavity liners and bases, desensitizing agents, and bonding systems;

f. Placement and removal of dry socket medication;

g. Placement of periodontal dressings;

h. Testing pulp vitality; and

i. Monitoring of nitrous oxide inhalation analgesia.

20.3(4) A dental assistant may perform duties consistent with these rules under the supervision of a licensed dentist. The specific duties dental assistants may perform are based upon:

a. The education of the dental assistant.

b. The experience of the dental assistant.

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