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Abstract –CIBER 2002-2006


The Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) at the University of Washington (UW) has played an integral role over the past decade in providing Pacific Northwest students, faculty and the region’s international business and trade communities with programs and resources that contribute to U.S. global competitiveness. As human advances in communication, transportation and technology make business operations global at all levels, it is essential that American academic institutions continue to impart high-quality international business education to the community. As the largest research university in the Pacific Northwest that is located near the headquarters of such multinational corporations as Microsoft, Boeing Commercial Airplane Group, Paccar, Starbucks, Costco and numerous high-tech start-ups, the University of Washington feels a strong sense of responsibility to meet this educational need. The representation of these corporations on the Advisory Boards for the Business School and CIBER demonstrates the business community’s high expectations and support of the University in fulfilling this role, and in meeting the purpose of the federal statute that authorizes the CIBER program.

The Need

Working closely with the constituents it serves, and utilizing a variety of research tools including meetings, surveys, academic exploration, and interviews, UW CIBER has identified three current areas of critical need for the Pacific Northwest to maintain and improve its competitive position internationally.

  • Knowledge and understanding of Asia, the Pacific Northwest’s most important trading partner

  • Knowledge and skills for entrepreneurship, the most volatile, yet vibrant part of the economy

  • Leadership skills, essential to successful ventures both domestically and internationally

The Objectives

We determined that the most effective way to meet these needs, and fulfill the mandates of the federal government for the CIBER program, would be to focus on three objectives.

  • Create and disseminate knowledge about international issues, regions and practices

  • Teach international business and leadership skills

  • Provide opportunities to gain meaningful international exposure

The Programs

UW CIBER has developed programs around a framework of needs, objectives and the constituent groups we serve - students, faculty, and the international business and trade communities. The programs that serve numerous needs, meet multiple objectives, and serve more than one constituent group are designated Flagship. The programs that are primarily focused on one objective are designated Targeted.

Flagship Programs

The ten flagship programs we propose include:

  • Skills Workshops and Global Business Study Tours for students and the business community

  • A two-year Global Issues Exploration program providing an in-depth multi-disciplinary study of a global business issue, curriculum development and outreach

  • An Undergraduate International Fellows program that combines overseas study with a practicum business experience

  • An Intensive Overseas Summer Language Program designed to meet the need of MBA students

  • A Leadership Program to build students leadership skills, develop the international business leadership curriculum, and provide a conference to the community

  • A Partnership with the Center for Technology Entrepreneurship that includes a business plan competition, a faculty conference, a student consulting network and a post-undergraduate certificate

  • The Global Business Challenge annual international case competition

  • The Northwest International Business Educators Network for faculty throughout the region

  • Two International Certificate Programs for business students.

Targeted Programs

The twenty-five targeted programs are each focused on a primary objective.

  • The Country Theme links annual CIBER programs to a particular country or region.

  • International City Branding shares the successful Seattle global branding model with other U.S. cities.

  • Off-Site Faculty Education will engage faculty in further infusing international into the business school curriculum.

  • Global Business Breakfast Briefings, International Updates, and Quarterly Business Briefings will provide UW global business expertise to the community.

  • The CFO Forum, Faculty Research, Faculty Development, and Doctoral Consortia programs will insure that faculty research and development in international business education are supported and shared with the business and academic communities.

  • Partnerships with International Students will guarantee that the resource provided by international students at the UW is maximized to enhance global business education at all levels.

  • The International Business and Northwest Innovations Conferences are designed to offer faculty, students and the community an opportunity to learn from the experts.

  • The Global Business Forum and the Partnership with the Program on the Environment leverage campus and community resources to expose graduate students across campus to international business issues.

  • International Business for Non-Business Majors meets the need for global business knowledge in non-business disciplines.

  • The Student Mentorship, International Career Briefings, and International MBA Internship programs were developed to meet student need for advice and experience related to international business careers.

  • The International Partnership Program and Practicum Courses give students the opportunity to work on actual international business projects for companies.

  • The Student Travel Support and Exchange Programs facilitate and encourage study abroad opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students.

  • The Business Language courses and the Foreign Language Conversation Tables provide vital language skill-building opportunities for the UW campus community.

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