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Objective # 1

To serve as a national resource for the teaching of improved business techniques, strategies, and methodologies that emphasize international context in which a business is transacted.
We propose the following six programs to achieve this objective:

#1.1.1iii. Faculty Seminars on Pedagogy in Virtual Teaching Environments: Participants will learn how to use distance-learning technologies from attending these seminars

1.1.3. Virtual scholars and executives in the classroom:

We plan on audio and video taping interviews with scholars and executives on topics that are of current interest, e.g. the impact of the events of September 11 on international transactions, and long-range company plans.

      1. Annual eBusiness case studies:

There is a severe shortage of good international ebusiness cases. We plan on filling this gap by producing several such cases per year.

      1. International Business and Economics Education Program for K-12 Teachers:

This program is designed to enhance the knowledge of K-12 teachers of international business and the business environment in a globalized economy. The objective is to start imparting knowledge about international business early in the students’ educational process. Teachers who are better informed can be more effective in the classroom in imparting the international dimensions of the subjects that they teach.

      1. Web Support for Internationalizing the Foundation Courses in Business:

We will collaborate with Philadelphia University in developing several Web based internationally focused exercises that could be incorporated into introductory functional business courses, with the purpose of internationalizing the course contents in such courses.

      1. Workshop in Curriculum and Teaching eBusiness Topics:

Business firms large and small can become international without going through the various evolutionary steps that the “old economy” firms had to go through. Nowadays both new and old economy firms use eBusiness in almost all links of their respective value chains. The workshops on eBusiness are meant to assist participants in curriculum development, pedagogy and Web resources in teaching business courses.

Objective # 2

To design and implement cutting-edge interdisciplinary research and curriculum in business by integrating the core components of globalization, information technology and entrepreneurship.
We propose the following five programs to achieve this objective:

      1. Masters in International Management

The Fox School needs a program that is focused on international management. The MBA program structure as dictated by the AACSB does not provide the flexibility to include language and area studies requirements in the curriculum. The proposed new MIM degree program will stand on three platforms (i) study of traditional business functions, (ii) study of a region of the world (area study), and (iii) language competency aligned with the area studied. The MIM will also include a foreign internship component.

      1. Interdisciplinary Research

We will sponsor noted scholars in the IB field to write research papers on interdisciplinary themes, and have the papers presented at a two-day Interdisciplinary Research Forum. The papers will be published in a book of the forum proceedings, and selected papers will be published in the Journal of International Management.

1.3.3. Research on Best Practices that Attract FDI

This research project originated in our discussions with the Director of the Delaware River Port Authority, which is a lead player in developing policies for economic development and international trade in the region. This project is aimed at researching the strategies adopted by competing States to attract FDI and writing a report, including recommendations, which if implemented, should lead to larger flows of FDI into Pennsylvania.

      1. Research on Biotech-Pharmaceutical Industry Cluster in the Region

This project also originated in our discussions with the Delaware River Port Authority, and Ben Franklin Partners Southeastern Pennsylvania. We will research roles of public and private entities in enhancing the Biotech-Pharmaceutical industrial cluster in the region. The pharmaceutical industry is an important international business player and it is in the interests of international trade and investment in Pennsylvania that this important sector be kept as vibrant as possible in the years ahead.

      1. Research on Migration of Human Capital and Economic Development

A serious problem identified by the Delaware River Port Authority is the failure of this region to retain people trained in the several educational institutions in the region. Pennsylvania must retain its skilled workforce if it is to be a major player on the international business playing field. As such the Temple CIBER will study the reasons for the emigration of skilled personnel, including university graduates, and recommend strategies to prevent this attrition.

Objective # 3

To strengthen study of business practices in foreign regions, foreign languages, area studies and cross-cultural experiences by implementing travel study, international internships and integrating the use of the Internet and interactive technologies into the pedagogy.
We propose the following eight programs to achieve this objective:

1.2.1i. Language Faculty Development Program

Annually, Temple CIBER and Temple Language Departments will conduct a three-day faculty development seminar for language faculty on the curriculum and methodology of teaching foreign languages to non-business students.

1.2.1.ii Faculty Fellowships for Non-Temple FDIB Programs

Annually, four fellowships will be awarded to area language faculty to attend FDIB programs offered by non-Temple CIBERS.

1.2.1iii Media Resources for Language Faculty

We will assist language faculty in enhancing their media resources for teaching foreign languages with items, such as audio and videotapes, CDs, and computer software.

      1. Interdisciplinary Certificate Programs

The Fox School will collaborate with Asian Studies Program, and Latin American Studies program, which are located in the College of Liberal Arts, in developing two new certificate programs: (1) Asian Business and Society and (2) Latin American Business and Society. These undergraduate interdisciplinary programs will synergistically integrate study of business functions, area studies, and area languages. Students in business and non-business programs should benefit from completing these certificate programs that are designed to fit into the existing credit requirements for graduating from Temple.

      1. Student Exchange Program with ITAM (Mexico City)

Each year we will support one undergraduate honors student and one doctoral student to study for a semester at ITAM. Undergraduate student will take courses at ITAM whereas the doctoral student will collect research data. This program is in tune with our philosophy of integrating area and language study with the business curriculum.

1.2.4 Strengthen Study Abroad Program

Students can complete their IB course requirements at Temple’s Rome campus. We plan on expanding this program to our campus in Tokyo and at a partner institution in Mexico.

      1. Travel Study Course for Graduate and Undergraduate Studies

We propose to develop a travel study course for graduate and undergraduate students. This credit-bearing course will be offered in collaboration with Philadelphia University and DeSales University. We will rotate this course between Asia, Europe and Latin America, making effective use of Temple’s campuses in Rome and Tokyo, and partner institutions in Mexico.

      1. Doctoral Dissertation Research Grants

Four doctoral students will be awarded four competitive grants each year to conduct research or to attend the annual AIB doctoral consortiums.

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