Australian Webquest Do you have to like vegemite and say “ridgey didge” to be an Australian? Explore the following sites and answer the questions posed about them. Your ultimate goal is to address the question

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Australian Webquest
Do you have to like vegemite and say “ridgey didge” to be an Australian?

Explore the following sites and answer the questions posed about them. Your ultimate goal is to address the question:

What does it mean to be Australian?
Part 1: Webquest

Australian icons

  1. What is an Australian icon?

  2. From the description, what do you consider Australian icons? Pick and describe six.

  3. Who are some iconic Australians? Why? Describe two iconic Australians.

People, Culture and Lifestyle

  1. Read through this page and write your thoughts on “What it means to be Australian?” Refer to at least three of the topics raised.

Popular Australian Food

  1. Read this section and list 10 facts or pieces of interesting information

Australian Humour

  1. What styles of humour are distinctly Australian? Give examples

  2. Move around this site and take notes on two areas that interest you

Aussie tours

  1. Click on a state of your choice. Describe at least two iconic choices for a traveller to discover the “true Australia”.

  2. Why have you selected these places/events?

Australian heroes

  1. Choose two personalities that represent Australian heroes to you. Explain why.


  1. Choose 10 iconic Australian sayings or words THAT YOU USE and explain what they mean.

  2. Choose 10 words or sayings from the list and explain why you don’t think they belong.

  3. What patterns of Australian speech emerge from this list?

Part 2: What does it mean to be an Australian?
You have the choice of creating a DISCOVERY BOX or a POSTER which reflects your understanding of being Australian. Use the list below to help organise your ideas.

  • Food

  • Places/tourist attractions

  • Animals

  • Sayings

  • Identities/heroes/people

  • Sport

  • Inventions

  • Cars

  • Songs/musicians

Use your time wisely. We must sight your responses and see you working on this piece in class. If we have no evidence you completed this task, it will fail.
The assessment rubric is on the following page. Use this as a guide when working on this piece, as it shows how you will be graded.
You may print out your work, save it to your Weebly or email it to

What does it mean to be Australian?











Addressed all aspects of the Web quest

Investigated sources from the Webquest

Description of Australian icons

Explanation of icons what being Australian is

Grammar, spelling

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