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List: National Heritage List

Name of Place: Australian Alps National Parks and Reserves

Other Names:

Place ID: 105891

File No: 1/08/284/0028

Primary Nominator: 4107 Minister for the Environment and Heritage

Nomination Date: 30/01/2007

Principal Group: Alpine environments

Legal Status: 30/01/2007 - Nominated place

Admin Status: 03/06/2008 - Assessment by AHC completed


Recommendation: Place meets one or more NHL criteria

Assessor's Comments:

Other Assessments: :

Nearest Town: Thredbo Village

Distance from town (km): Direction from town:

Area (ha): 1608650

Address: The Alpine Wy, Thredbo Village, NSW, 2625

LGA: Yass Valley NSW Alpine Shire VIC Towong Shire VIC

East Gippsland Shire VIC Wellington Shire VIC

Australian Capital Territory ACT Snowy River Shire NSW Bombala Shire NSW

Mansfield Shire VIC Tumbarumba NSW Tumut NSW

Cooma-Monaro NSW

About 1,653,180ha, comprising the following national parks and reserves located in the Australian Alps: Brindabella National Park, about 12050ha, 35km south-south-west of Yass, NSW;

Namadgi National Park, about 105900ha, 35km south-west of Canberra, ACT; Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve, about 5500ha, 25km south-west of Canberra, ACT; Bimberi Nature Reserve, about 7100ha, 55km east-south-east of Tumut, NSW; Scabby Range Nature Reserve, about 3400ha, 25km north of Adaminaby, NSW; Kosciuszko National Park, about 690000ha, 10km west of Jindabyne, NSW; Alpine National Park, about 646000ha, 5km south-east of Mount Beauty, VIC;

Snowy River National Park, about 98700ha, 25km north-north-west of Orbost, VIC; Avon Wilderness Park, about 40000ha, 30km north-north-west of Maffra, VIC.

Mount Buffalo National Park, about 31000ha, Mount Buffalo Road, Mount Buffalo, VIC; and

Baw Baw National Park , about 13530ha, 5km north of Erica, VIC.

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