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Class: Historic



National Heritage List

Name of Place:

The Adelaide Park Lands and City Layout

Other Names:

The Adelaide Park Lands and Colonel Lights Plan

Place ID:


File No:


Nomination Date:


Principal Group:

Parks, Gardens and Trees



Legal Status:

01/12/2005 - Nominated place

Admin Status:

09/07/2007 - Assessment by AHC completed




Place meets one or more NHL criteria

Assessor's Comments:

Other Assessments:




Nearest Town:


   Distance from town (km):

   Direction from town:

Area (ha):



South Tce, Adelaide, SA, 5000


Adelaide City SA

Proposed final boundary:
About 900ha in Adelaide and North Adelaide, defined as follows:
1.   an area with an outer boundary defined by the centerlines of the following streets: Park Terrace, Fitzroy Terrace, Robe Terrace, Park Terrace (east), Hackney Road, Dequetteville Terrace, Fullarton Road, Greenhill Road, the Mile End Railway line and Port Road.
2.   Within 1. above, the following areas are excluded. Areas 1. and 2. have boundaries that are defined by the road reserve boundaries of the named streets, such that each road reserve is included in the place:
Area 1: North Terrace, East Terrace, South Terrace and West Terrace
Area 2: Barton Terrace West, O’Connell Street, Barton Terrace East, Lefevre Terrace, Kingston Terrace, Kingston Terrace East, Mann Terrace, MacKinnon Parade, Brougham Place, Sir Edwin Smith Avenue (originally named Roberts Place), Pennington Terrace, Palmer Place, Brougham Place, Montefiore Hill, Strangways Terrace, Mills Terrace.
Area 3: All land under the care, control and management of State Government Agencies and Instrumentalities, other than: West Terrace Cemetery (Land ID F219057 A7), Adelaide Zoo (H105100 S590, S1187), Adelaide Botanic Gardens (D66751 A101, A102), Botanic Park (H105100 S574) and Torrens Parade Ground and Buildings (F38386 A23).
Area 4: Government House and grounds (H105100 S755 and S757), Old and New Parliament Houses and grounds (H105100 S747 and S748).
Area 5: Land owned by Rail Track Corp Ltd and Australian National Railways (F14185 A22; F22072 A23, A24 and A25; D15497 A29; F14184 A20; D56872 A58 and D58245 A20).
3.   Notwithstanding the areas excluded in 2. above, the following areas are included in the place:
(a)       six squares and two gardens being: In North Adelaide - Wellington Square, Palmer Gardens and Brougham Gardens and in Adelaide - Victoria Square, Hindmarsh Square, Hurtle Square, Whitmore Square and Light Square, and
(b)       the grid of major roads (including the whole of each road reserve) consisting of the City centre grid defined by four major roads: East Terrace, North Terrace, West Terrace and South Terrace; the following streets traversing the City east-west: Hindley, Currie, Waymouth, Franklin, Grote, Gouger, Wright, Sturt, Gilbert, Rundle, Grenfell, Pine, Flinders, Wakefield, Angas, Carrington, Halifax and Gilles, the following streets running north-south: Morphett, King William, Pulteney and Hutt; and
(c)        three smaller grids in North Adelaide including the following major streets (including the whole of each road reserve): Barton Terrace East, Mills Terrace, Strangways Terrace, Ward Street, Lefevre Terrace, Hill, Jeffcott, O’Connell, Childers, Buxton, Gover, Molesworth, Tynte, Barnard, Archer Streets, Brougham Place, Palmer Place, Kermode Street, Pennington Terrace, Kingston Terrace, Kingston Terrace East, Mann Terrace, MacKinnon Parade, Jerningham, Stanley, and Melbourne Streets.

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