Auspicious Incident Packet 5

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Capilano bridge experiment, also accept swinging bridge, moving bridge (prompt on bridge)

3.With J. C. Carlsmith, this psychologist conducted experiments that demonstrated the phenomenon of cognitive dissonance.

Answer: Leon Festinger
18.FTPE answer these questions about some Buddhist writings:

1.Meaning “thread” in Sanskrit, in Theravada it denotes discourse of the Buddha, found in the Sutta section of the Pali canon, while in Mahayana, it simply refers to a body of expository texts. They are the basic scriptures in Buddhism.

Answer: sutra

2.This sutra is a distillation of the Prajnaparamita writings, it is only a page long and it is a statement by Avalokitesvara of the basic tenets of Buddhism. It is the most widely memorized of the sutras in Asia..


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