August 19, 1942 (Counterpoints pgs. 108 109)

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Dieppe Raid

August 19, 1942

(Counterpoints pgs. 108 – 109)

  1. Of the reasons listed for the raid on Dieppe:

    1. which should be considered the most valid and why?

    2. which should be considered the least valid and why?

  1. Outline the original plan for the Dieppe raid.

  1. Looking at the map on pg. 109, what obstacles did our troops have to overcome in order for this landing and raid to be successful?

  1. What key part of the plan failed, which led to the ultimate failure of the whole raid?

  1. Outline the other problems this raid faced which resulted in their ultimate defeat.

  1. What benefits came out of the Dieppe raid?

  1. How many Canadian casualties resulted from this raid?

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